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Prepare to embark on a riveting journey with us!

Boars Night Out originated in 2006 as a crew of spirited bachelors post-divorce, and quickly became renowned for our championship-level parties!

In 2010, we shifted gears to master the art of world-class bbq. Our dedication paid off with a triumphant 5th place in the Memphis Barbecue Network points, earning respect among competitors. 

The saga continued in 2011 as we clinched Grand Championships, ranked 3rd in MBN points, and hosted a dazzling 4th of July Celebration in Ottawa for the US Ambassador to Canada.  

2012 marked our crowning achievement, claiming the title of MBN Team of the Year with a jaw-dropping 5 Grand Championships, including coveted full sweeps. We etched history by winning Team of the Year for Whole Hog, Shoulder and Ribs - an unprecedented feat. 


2013 saw on us TV, thanks to The Shed, and culminated in another MBN Team of the Year victory along with 7 Grand Championships. 


From 2014-2017, we conquered new arenas like the World Food Championships and American Royal, securing MBN Invitational Grand Championships and a World Steak Cook-off Championship in 2017.

2018-2023 brought more triumphs, with our White Lightning seasoning becoming a global sensation, and our innovative flavors hitting the market. Notable achievements include several top 10 finishes at Memphis in May World Championship and multiple Grand Championships at various competitions.

As we toast to 2024 and beyond, join us in celebrating the extraordinary journey of BNO - a tale of bbq mastery, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of excellence! 

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